Econ/POD Credit Project

About the Project

The project required the students to collaborate and brainstorm issues that they wanted to learn about credit. They also had to design questions they would need to answer to explain their topics. Once this was done, they researched their topics and created various ways to convey their findings to others. The student shad the option of choosing how they would like to present their findings, MLA Formatted papers, presenting posters, to multimedia presentations were available to choose from.

Their projects are linked below. If a project was completed by students from different class periods, their project will be linked from all appropriate pages.

Student Project Links 2008/2009

Period 1 Project Page

Period 2 Project Page

Period 5 Project Page

Period 7 Project Page

Period 8 Project Page

Student Project Links 2009/2010

How to Fix Bad Credit


Identity Theft 2

Overdraft Fees

Steps to Apply for a Credit Card

Types of Credit Cards

Pros and Cons of Credit Cards

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